What Next?

What Happens Next?

Call Ready to Help Estate Sales today to schedule a free consultation. We will walk through the residence with you and survey the contents of the estate, determining if you have enough inventory to make this a profitable solution for you. It will be necessary for you to tell us if anything will be removed from the house, so that we can make an accurate assessment. We will discuss the available time to schedule the sale and what it will take to accomplish your goals.

Giving you time to think about it, we will leave our contract with you. Once you’ve decided we are the right company for you, we will review and sign the contract together. At that point we are ready to go. We will pick up the contract, a set of keys and schedule dates for pre-sale organization, sales, and after sales services. Pictures will be taken, things will be sorted, researched, cleaned if necessary, setup and priced, ready for sale.

We will advertise your estate sale via our website, links on related websites, social media, newspapers, loyal customers email list, phone apps and local street signs. Advertising will include pictures and/or description of items.

What to expect on the day/days of the sale. We will arrive early prepared and informed, with all sales material necessary for your event. We will have one entrance in and one exit out in order to safeguard your belongings. We will answer any questions and conduct this sale as if it were our own…with integrity and honesty. There is no need for you to be there during this time, we will handle it all for you. We will accept credit cards and debit cards

After the sale: If you included our after sales services, IE. Clean up, removal of unsold items, professional cleaning, we will schedule and arrange for these tasks

Payment: You will receive your funds along with receipts within five to seven business days after the last day of the sale.

Thank you for considering
Ready to Help Estate Sales

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