Greg’s Testimonial

“This is a letter of reference for the ‘Ready to Help Estate Sales’ business, owner Joanne Fabian.

First off, they are extremely honest in everything they do! They are respectful with any family and personal items found while doing their job sorting and staging the items to be sold! Joanne found many items that my mom had forgotten about, which were of sentimental and of monetary value to us. I’m glad that those items were found and were not sold but given to us.

They took the time to move & stage the furniture to maximize the showing ability of the items sold. They have all the portable tables to showcase all the small nick-knacks easier for the sale.

They have a great staff of people working for them and know what they are doing and monitor the sale in the house so that things are secure.

They also have security cameras onsite inside the house for 24 hours during the sale to prevent theft.

The sale price of the items to be sold were honest and fair, not inflated, “looking like” you’re going to get a lot of money. This is an Estate sale not an antique store, plus the sale is over and complete in 3 days, so pricing things correctly is the key. They also spend the time researching & appraising the items to be sold. They started the process over 2 weeks before the actual sale, some companies come in on the Sunday before, start the process and have the sale that Thursday or Friday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm. In my opinion, that is Not enough time to maximize or research sale price values or enough time to sell off the estate properly!

They also have references of other dealers who can do a complete buy-out of the estate at the end, so nothing is left, just a clean house ready to sell ! They sweep clean the house too! This is a big plus if you have to sell the house and you Do Not have to deal with any leftovers…

I have already given ‘Ready to Help Estate Sales’ Joanne Fabian as recommendation to a family friend to use her company in our friend’s trust/will to name them with a Fiduciary company to settle the sale of the estate when the time comes.

So the bottom line is: I would recommend “Ready to Help Estate Sales” to anyone who needs an efficient, honest, hard working & trustworthy business, who’s been in the Estate Sale business for many years, who will do a Great job for you in selling the entire estate for you.

Ask Joanne & I’ll be glad to talk to you more about them.”

Thank you,


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