Robert’s Testimonial

“Upon the untimely passing of my girlfriend, my world forever changed. Designated as Executor of her estate and left with her personal belongings, accumulated over 40 years, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. Going through all of the property, sorting through what I wanted to keep, what her family wanted, and organizing everything into a state that could be viewed by everyone, was exhausting. Contemplating my duties of Executor, and the fact that I needed to liquidate the assets in a way that would be most beneficial to the estate, I felt overwhelmed, and knew I needed help! How was I going to organize everything that I wanted to sell? What monetary value should be ascribed to each item? How could I perform a sale of this magnitude for the public in a way that was professional and inviting? I had no clue, and even less time to figure it all out!

I found Ready To Help Estate Sales to help me, and looking back on this whole episode, I’m sure glad I did! Upon my first phone call with Joanne from Ready To Help Estate Sales, all the questions I had at the time were answered in a very comprehensive way. Consideration and special attention was given to my emotional state at the time, and everything was arranged around my busy schedule, making it very easy to set up our first meeting, and contract review. The contract was straightforward and the terms very fair for the amount of work that I knew needed to occur, with all the personal property that required attention. A lot of sorting, cleaning, and researching of antiques that my girlfriend collected that I had no experience with, or knowledge of, was needed.

Once we met, and our contract was signed, Joanne from Ready To Help Estate Sales informed me to not worry, that they would handle the property with care, and arrange for everything that needed to happen for the estate sale to occur. I left our meeting feeling comfortable and reassured, based on the amount of information that was given me, and the confident and calm demeanor they exhibited. I was contacted a short time later by Ready To Help Estate Sales, to inform me that the house was ready for review, after all property was organized. When I arrived at the house, I was really taken aback by the work that was done! Everything that had been scattered about the entire house and rummaged through, was now placed in an orderly fashion. Signs were posted, and prices were assigned to the items. Things such as posters and decorative accents were placed throughout the house to make the environment more inviting.

Joanne went the extra mile by cleaning some of the belongings, and even installing a light fixture in the dining room and placing lights in my garage, where some of the property was being displayed for sale. Joanne informed me that I may get emotional walking through the house. They were right. Seeing everything so nicely organized, and seeing the house look so good really got to me. I was so happy to see everything displayed with such care, I thought my girlfriend would really be delighted to observe how nice everything appeared.

Once the sale was over, Ready To Help Estate Sales sent me the receipts, organized by each day of the sale, along with a printout detailing each day’s proceeds with gross and net sales. When I returned to the house, it was shocking to see everything was gone! The house was emptied, just as I asked. What a relief it was to see this large task was over. Now, I can move on to the next chapter of my life. I couldn’t have done it without the great assistance from Ready To Help Estate Sales. For anyone in need of estate sale services, I strongly urge you to consider hiring Ready To Help Estate Sales. Like me, I’m certain you’ll be glad you did!”

January 2018

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