Kevin’s Testimonial

“I have just concluded doing business with Joanne Fabian of Ready to Help Estate Sales.

Every now and then one might run into a company who is able to do what could not have been accomplished as well with anyone else. They are simply the right people, at the right time, in the right place. A company who doesn’t just say they have your best interests at heart, but shows you. Joanne Fabian and her team are those people, and Ready to Help Estate Sales is that company.

The end of March my parents were in a car accident. They lived in a beautiful museum of a home for 45 years. One they had no intention of ever leaving. But they now had to leave it all behind, along with most of their possessions, as well as their driving privileges. Our transition began into Assisted Living.

I tell you this because much needed to be done and be done quickly and correctly on behalf of our parents. I do not live here so time mattered when I sat down with a group of people to discuss how to navigate our parent’s estate. Within a very short period of time I realized Joanne Fabian of Ready to Help Estate Sales was the person to navigate and manage these affairs for us. It seemed an impossible task as we considered how much my parents actually had accumulated and the time frames we were considering.

This was, to us, our parent’s adult children and families, a herculean task beyond our ability to even consider how to begin. There was simply so much. My parents were collectors and what they liked, they collected a lot of. In addition to that, my father is a master craftsman, so their home was filled full with the work of his hands. This was an extremely emotional time for our family on many fronts.

Ready to Help came ready to help. And we needed it. They were personable, kind, thoughtful and caring as they went about this immense work. Joanne came through for us so efficiently and excellently, it left us amazed and awed. They priced over 60,000 items and had a sale over four days. About 90% of everything my parents owned, sold due to their marketing campaign and staging. They saw to ALL the preparations of the house to ready it for the sale and when they were done, left the house wiped clean. They organized hundreds and hundreds of tiny collectors’ items. They cleaned every crammed nook and cranny out. They advertised the estate sale not just to our area, but to our region. They offered a beautiful online description and presentation with photographs. They brought in a team of people to set up and stage the house for the event. To ensure safety during the sale, they provided full security throughout our home. Every step of the way we were amazed at what they were able to accomplish and the attitude they carried. They treated our home as though it was their home, with the respect and dignity we needed and desired.

Not only did Joanne help do my thinking for me, she had the intuition and discernment to know how to best serve our family’s needs without interfering with our conflicting emotions as we all embraced what we were confronted with. Without Joanne, I believe none of this would have happened as efficiently and excellently as it did. I am absolutely confident that there are many great estate sale companies in the Sacramento area, but this company is exceptional. Ready to Help met us exactly where we were. How our parent’s precious possessions were handled mattered greatly to us as a family. I am extremely, extremely grateful.

I will forever be in their debt on behalf of my parents. I will never forget how Joanne handled our emotional affairs in addition to our possessions. She saw to our comfort and peace of mind every step of the way. I want to acknowledge Ready to Help Estate Sales excellent service to our family and to me, Kevin Kok, personally.”

Warmest regards,
Ms. Kevin Kok

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